Bhagavad Gita 7-12

In this section Krishna describes three paths of yoga: wisdom; realization, and loving devotion. While all of them were powerfully and poignantly described, the path that stood out the most to me was that of loving devotion.

The path of loving devotion, or “the way of love,” as the Gita describes it,  embodies everything Krishna describes as the path to a full and meaningful life. Love is the ultimate selfless act; it’s focus is entirely and utterly focused on its beloved. It does not care about its’ own gain, and while it is full of passion, joy, pain, and vitality, it remains immovable and unaffected by the tumultuous fluctuations of life. But what resonated the strongest with me was the fact that this path is accessible to everyone. It does not require intelligence, physical strength, wealth, or power. All it requires is steadfast devotion. Kings and beggars alike can travel this path, and they would be equally enriched by the endeavor.

The Gita is a beautiful, captivating story. I have never been as drawn to a book from a BIC class as I have to this one, which is saying a lot, since I have read many powerful and moving books during my time in the BIC. It resonates with me on so many levels, and has been an absolute delight to read.


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